Freeview HD roll out starting 2 December

Freeview HD transmissions are set to begin on 2 December, the Beeb has confirmed.The Winter Hill transmitter is set to kick of the HD Freeviewing on t

The Winter Hill transmitter is set to kick of the HD Freeviewing on this date, serving the lucky folk of Manchester and Liverpool.

Other cities will follow, with the full roll out set to complete in 2012, according to a blog written by Graham Plumb, Head of Distribution Technology at the BBC.

The Crystal Palace transmitter is next in line for the upgrade, followed by four more main ones during the first half of 2010.

However, while upgrading the equipment is a positive move, it's not clear when these transmitters will actually be given the switch.

Plumb has said the Beeb is planning an upgrade to the Digital UK postcode database, so viewers can find out when their transmitter will be to be upgraded to Freeview HD.

Currently the HD Freeview channels signed up for 720p broadcasting are the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and Channel 5.

Despite the positive spin put on the whole story, it seems many people are concerned at what this will do to standard definition programmes, and the cost for upgrading to compatible equipment.

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