Free Xbox Live with GTA IV

Apparently, just laying your hands on a copy of GTA IV doesn’t cut it. You need extras to make what’ll undoubtedly this year’s numbe

Step up then Zavvi (that’s Virgin Megastore to those of you at the back). They’re offering punters with a penchant for Eastern European gangsters and Amazon–backed soundtracks the chance to get three months free Xbox Live Membership when they buy the game on April 29.

Punters have got two weeks from today to snaffle the game over on the Zavvi website. It costs £38 and you’ll get gold membership, so you can head online and take advantage of the killer multiplayer platform, as well as your own solo mission.

On top of that Zavvi’s getting overexcited about the GTA themed pre-order card. Come now chaps – just give us the game and let us play in peace.

We’ll be bringing you plenty of GTA IV coverage in the weeks before launch, so be sure to stick around.



Price: £38

On sale: April 29