Five sleigh alternatives for Santa

You've seen the films - Santa's sleigh is hardly infallible. Here are five alternatives that could come to the rescue if it breaks down this Christmas

Picture it now - Santa's reindeer are ill and the sleigh has been grounded because of silly health and safety issues. In this grave hour of need, old St Nick needs an alternative to deliver joy (gadgets) to the world. Luckily, there are ways he could replace the lack of magic with manoeuvrability and speed.

Martin Jetpack

The stuff of dreams, one group of people decided to make the jetpack a reality. Known as the Martin Jetpack, this flight-granting gadget would be perfect for letting Santa navigate rooftops down into chimneys, complete with presents in tow. 

F-117 Nighthawk

While meant to deliver bombs and not presents, the F-117 Nighthawk could bring children joy while keping Santa hidden. It's near undetectable, capable of flying very fast, can deploy flares if any of the anti-Santa non-believers turn up in fighter jets and it looks awesome - especially if it was painted red.


No doubt Santa approves of Star Wars and its gravity-defying modes of travel. While us silly earth people still lack the technology for such vehicles, the Hoverbike would at least provide Santa with a viable reindeer alternative. Sure, the range is limited and the noise is probably intolerable but do you want those presents or not? Jeez.


Jetpacks are all well and good but Santa needs to do his rounds and consume millions of mince pies before the big day, and traditional vertical designs are limited by their speed. That's not such an issue for the Jetman and its wonderfully simple design made up of wing, man and jet. What can go wrong? In fact, Santa could just ask Yves Rossy to do his job instead.

Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft

At £150,000, the Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft is out of the reach of most people, but for a man who can defy time, it's probably a non-issue. This opens up the possibility of this particular vehicle, which can cruise on both land and sea, making it perfect for navigating the globe. It even has space for Mrs Claus to come along too - although nobody likes a back-seat driver.

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