Fitbit expands range (and shrinks your waistline) with Charge 2 and Flex 2 activity trackers

Here are two gorgeous-looking ways to get yourself fitter and more healthy

New Fitbits, eh?

That’s right, pal – as of today, the company’s line-up of activity trackers is two wristbands stronger, thanks to the unveiling of the Fitbit Flex 2 and Charge 2.

I think I heard about these already…

There’ve been some leaks recently, so their launch isn’t a huge shock, but at least now we know what they offer, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Tell me about the Charge 2, then – just an update of the original Charge?

Not really; this one has quite a bit more about it on the feature front. While the original Charge could only track basic activity and sleep, the Charge 2 also offers continuous PurePulse heart rate tracking, guided breathing sessions (to help you chill out and reduce stress and anxiety), and offers a snapshot of your cardio health, which it compiles by checking your heart rate, exercise data and user profile.

It also sports a screen that is four times larger than that of its predecessor, which makes it easier to see and interact with (it’s tap-compatible); while not an actual smartwatch, the Charge 2 is something of a halfway house, because it shows notifications from a connected smartphone, as well as the time.

And the Flex 2?

It’s big thing? It’s small. 30 percent smaller than the first Flex, in fact, and a sleek wristband with a tracker that can be removed to make it even lighter and easier to wear. The styling is a major focus, in fact, with Fitbit offering stainless steel and gold-plated wristbands and partnering with major designers in order to offer a wide variety of Flex 2 “looks”.

But what about its tracking?

It’s a much simpler device than the Charge 2, with basic exercise tracking and not heart rate monitor. It does, however, track swimming activity (helpfully, it’s waterproof to 50m), including laps, duration and calories burned. It also reminds you to move periodically (because let’s face it, you need nagging), and shows your daily goals progress by displaying a line of LEDs.

And when can I buy these fit new Fitbits?

Soon. Both trackers are available on “pre-sale” now, with the Charge 2 priced from £130 and the Flex 2 from £80 with a regular wristband.