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Fire up your barbeque summer with these food smokers

Want to throw in something a little extra on the grill this year? These delicious flavour-infusing smokers aren't a bad place to start

As we pray for an end to the relentlessly unseasonal weather, our thoughts turn (somewhat optimistically) to the prospect of summer barbeques. For a truly smoking hot summer you’ll want to infuse your food with some charcoal-flavoured goodness. Time to get drooling…

Brinkmann charcoal Smoke ‘n Grill

£85 garden4less.co.uk

This double grill charcoal smoker will happily accept 50lbs of delicious meat and features a heat indicator and front hinged chrome door to let you peek into the deliciousness as it unfolds. Plus it looks a bit like R2-D2. What more could you possibly want?

ProQ cold smoke generator

£35 forfoodsmokers.co.uk

Fill this handy little contraption up with woodchips before lighting up, then place it in anything from a lidded barbeque to a metal dustbin. Either way it’ll produce cold smoke for up to ten hours, ideal for smoking fish, cheese and meat while you’re out and about, Bear Grylls-ing it up in the woods.

La Hacienda charcoal BBQ smoker and pizza oven

£170 planetbarbecue.co.uk

While this charcoal smoker isn’t big enough as an actual hacienda, it’ll happily accept any food your heart desires and functions as a three-in-one smoker, grill and pizza oven. A fuel damper, air vents and built-in temperature gauge should help stop things from getting too crispy, while the removable ash tray makes for an easy clean up.

Bradley countertop smoker

£170 keengardener.co.uk

This small lightweight smoker burns flavoured bisquettes, eliminating the problem of wood combusting to ash and infusing your precious food with the taste of, well, ash. Not only will you prevent any unsavoury tastes from invading your food, but the Bradley countertop smoker also has a programmable oven and smoke time as well an adjustable temperature. Less time spent watching and fretting the barbeque, and more time watching and fretting that little Timmy doesn’t do himself an injury with some garden implement.

BBQ smoker

£12.50 amazon.co.uk

Ok, so it’s not much to look at. No fancy dials, chrome doors, or even a handle. But fill this unassuming black box with flavoured wood chips, place into a charcoal or gas BBQ, slam the lid shut and enjoy your feast of anything from whisky oak flavoured sausages to hickory-licked steak. Can’t argue at this price point.

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