Dyson Fluffy is the cordless vacuum cleaner, redesigned

Both large flakes and fine dust are sucked up with ease by its big fuzzy roller

Another new Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner? The last one seemed just fine to us

Aha – but the Dyson Fluffy is a whole new take on the cordless cleaner. In fact, Dyson says it’s as powerful as a full-size vacuum, despite its dinky dimensions.

How so?

Well, the clue’s in its name: Fluffy. Instead of a regular head, the cleaner has a roller covered in soft, dense material. Fluffy material. What this allows it to do is maintain a tight seal on the floor without the need for the head’s casing to touch the ground – which results in fine particles of dust being sucked up. The raised casing means that larger pieces of debris can be collected too.

That fluffy nylon is going to get charged up from hard floors, isn’t it?

Nope. Dyson has added carbon fibre to the cleaner’s head, which should dissipate any build-up of static.

So is the fluffiness the only new thing?

There’s also a new motor aboard, the V6, which Dyson says has cost £250,000,000 to develop. The V6 spins at 110,000rpm, which is apparently five times faster than a Formula 1 car’s engine, and will power all future cordless Dyson cleaners.

Is it available now?

It is indeed. The Fluffy (priced at £400) is one of five new cordless models launched today by Dyson. Prices range from £299.99 to £449.99.