Don't get a Galaxy S7 Edge on contract - save £500 by going SIM-only

Buying your phone outright will mean massive savings over two years

So you’ve made your choice - it’s Samsung all the way, and the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is the phone for you.

Both are absolute beasts of a phone, but also have a beastly price. Don’t do your research and you could end up throwing as much as £500 down the drain.

We’ve looked at contract prices from all the major UK mobile networks, and it makes for grim reading. Even with upfront fees as high as £119, you could still end up paying £1300 over two years.

Three and O2 are the main offenders. A Galaxy S7 Edge on O2 with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data will set you back £1306 - that’s £54 a month.

You get 8GB of data per month on Three’s plan, but you’ll have to pay £49 upfront and £53 a month - that’s £1321 total over two years.

Vodafone fares slightly better for its top plan, although you only get 4GB of data. £119 upfront and £45 per month works out at £1199.

Forget all that though - we’ve found a way to get the stunning S7 Edge for as much as £500 less than these ludicrous contracts.

Buying the phone outright will cost £570 for the vanilla Galaxy S7, and £640 for the S7 Edge. You’ll still need a SIM card, but for £10 a month, the Carphone Warehouse will give you 5000 texts, 500 minutes and 4GB of data on its iD network.

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5000 texts and 500 minutes are probably enough for most people, particularly if they use messenger apps like WhatsApp instead of text messages. As long as you don’t stream music or video regularly, 4GB of data should also be plenty for checking social networks and keeping your Instagram feed filled with photos.

Over two years, the total price would be £810 for the S7, or £880 for the S7 Edge.

Like the sound of that price? Make sure to read our in-depth review before dropping the cash.