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The DJI Action 2 just got its best ever price cut in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Action-packed reductions at Amazon

DJI Action 2 camera Black Friday deals

Using magnets to break the mould, the DJI Action 2 is a modular action cam which clicks together with cubic accessories. Hewn from lightweight aluminium, it’s one of the most versatile action cameras you can buy. And thanks to huge Black Friday discounts, DJI Action 2 bundles are cheaper than ever at Amazon right now.

Designed to be adaptable, the rugged cube is sold in Combo packs. These include accessory components which snap on to the main camera to enhance its functionality. Take the Power Combo: it features an extended battery attachment and protective case, and would usually cost you £366. But for Black Friday, Amazon has cut the price by 45% to a much more affordable £199 – which, by our reckoning, is its best price ever.

For a quid less than £200, that deal bags you an action camera which can record 4K footage at 120fps, correct the shakiest of scenes with levelling algorithms, and cover a wide 155° field of view. The waterproof DJI Action 2 also features shooting modes to enhance your content, from timelapse captures to slow-mo b-roll.

That Power Module boosts battery life to 180 minutes, as well as adding a microSD card slot to the setup, while the Protective Case increases the camera’s shielding from scrapes. You can also hot-swap the DJI Action 2 with a whole range of sold-separately mounts and accessories, without interrupting the footage.

Want an even more creative setup? Amazon has also discounted the Dual-Screen Combo during Black Friday. Along with that same Protective Case, this bundle includes an OLED touchscreen attachment, complete with a four-mic setup for crisper audio. Snap it to the DJI Action 2 and you’ve got a pocket-friendly tool for shooting solo on the go. As well as adding a front-facing display, the module also increases the camera’s battery life to 160 minutes.

Ordinarily, the Dual-Screen Combo would set you back £472, but Amazon has reduced it by a hefty £233 as part of its UK Black Friday deals event. That brings the cost down to £239. As with the Power Combo, that’s the best price on record for that bundle. So if you were already tempted by a DJI Action 2 camera, this is definitely a good time to hit the button.