Destiny beta opened up for all—quickly, to your consoles!

Well, all with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, but still

Jealous of any mates that have been playing Destiny early via the current limited beta test or previous alpha test? Envy them no longer, as the preview of Bungie’s shooter has opened up wide.

The developer announced today that all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription, as well as all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners with an active Xbox Live Gold account, can now download the beta test and jump in.

Expect a rather massive download—in the vicinity of 13GB—and perhaps slow speeds, since surely millions of people will be trying to grab those files very soon. The announcement was just sent live a short while ago, so now may very well be a tricky time to queue up.

Of course, waiting isn’t really an option. Time is limited, as the beta test is scheduled to run only until Monday, at which point we’ll all desperately try to connect and weep hopelessly upon inevitable failure.

We had wholly positive things to say about our time with the beta test, which we reckon should offer a good 10 hours of free gameplay to the average player—but you’ve got three full days until it shuts down, so why not make the most of it?

[Source: Bungie]

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