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Deal of the week: an enormous 65in 4K TV for £799!

Upgrade to UHD just in time for the Euros kick-off this weekend

What is it?

Sometimes you’ve just got to go big or go home, right? This is one of those times. This HiSense is a colossal 65in, 4K telly at a price that won’t force you to sell a kidney. Just what you need to cheer on Roy’s Boys over the next few weeks of football.

What does it do?

It pretty much ticks all the boxes when it comes to buying a kick-ass modern TV. 4K resolution? Check. There’s more pixels here than you’ll know what to do with, but you’ll be ready for Sky and Virgin 4K when they arrive later this year, and good to go if you’ve got a BT Sport Ultra HD subscription and a 4K YouView box.

Streaming and Smart TV Check. Built-in Wi-Fi means you don’t need to faff about with network cables, and on-board Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube should save you and the kids from saturday morning boredom. Amazon Prime Video was due before Christmas, but we’ve not had a HiSense TV in the building to check whether it arrived on time.

Is it really a good deal?

If you’re after the biggest possible TV going for the least amount of cash, then absolutely. There’s nothing else around right now that’s nearly as cheap, with most of the competition packing 60in, 55in or even 50in screens for the same price. It’s got a VA panel, which means blacks and dark scenes should look really rich and deep, and packs in all the image processing tech you’d expect from a top-end TV, which means smooth motion, sharp details and 4K upscaling.

The six year guarantee is pretty tough to beat, too.

Is there anything wrong with it?

Okay, so picture quality might not be able to match the incredible TVs currently turning heads in our supertest, but it’s a hell of a lot better than any supermarket special or no-name brand knockoff. HiSense is massive in China and the US, and is getting bigger all the time in the UK. Rock bottom prices and huge screens are definitely helping, plus you get plenty of features for your cash.

The only stumbling block is HDR, or high dynamic range. With a wider colour range, more detail in darker scenes, and brighter highlights, HDR is the next big thing when it comes to movies, so it makes sense to upgrade now. We’ve had conflicting reports as to whether this model actually supports HDR; the retailer says no, but online buyers have posted pics of their tellies pumping out ultra-bright HDR video.

Basically, check before you buy if you want to watch those HDR-ready Ultra HD Blu-ray discs at the best possible quality and colour depth.

OK, I’m concinced. Where can I get it?

Point your browser over to Richer Sounds and click "add to basket". No discount codes to worry about, just a cracking price.

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