Could a metal LG G4 Pro be on the way?

LG's next phablet could stop a bullet, if the latest rumours prove to be true

The LG G4 is the most premium flagship the South Korean tech giant has unleashed yet. But despite its fancy genuine leather back, its plastic body still loses out to the glass Samsung Galaxy S6 and metal HTC One M9.

That could be set to change however, with the freshly rumoured LG G4 Pro.

According to Korean site ET News, LG is planning to release a high-end metal phone, with a larger 6in screen.

This could be the spiritual successor to last year’s G Pro 2, although details on specs are nowhere to be seen at this stage. LG could opt for a single carved unibody design like the One M9, or instead retain the G4’s leather back, replacing the phone’s plastic shell with metal instead.

The latter would ensure that the handset still sticks out from the crowd, with the bonus of a premium, hefty weight.

A stylus is also rumoured, but given how vague the details are, we’re filing this in our Wishful Thinking folder for the time being.

Still, it would be nice to see a large LG phablet step into the ring with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We love a good fight, we do.

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