CoPilot Live iPhone sat nav app hits App Store

While TomTom has been taking its time getting its sat nav app to the iPhone, yet another company has overtaken them at getting their app into the App

CoPilot Live will take advantage of the turn-by-turn navigation brought to the iPhone with its 3.0 update, and add in automatic route calculation, 3D map displays, and voice directions.

The app will work on full UK postcodes, or alternatively the house number and street name, to get you exactly where you need to go.

It will also include popular features you may well have seen on your standalone sat nav, like lane assistance, speed limit alerts and CoPilot's ClearTurn which provides a more realistic display of junctions and major road exits.

Finally CoPilot Live can use your iPhone's internet connection to connect up to "Live" services such as a 5-day weather forecast and later this year, real-time traffic information will be available too.

CoPilot Live is available from the App Store now for a one-off free of £25.99 – all the maps are downloaded and stored on your phone, so there's no need for a monthly fee to keep the service going.

Would you fork out the cash for a sat nav app? Let us know below.