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Coach bands coming soon to class up the Apple Watch

Leather and charms - with a release next week

Apple’s own Apple Watch bands can be staggeringly expensive, but if you don’t like the company’s style, some established fashion brands are entering the fray with their own options.

Hermès was up first last year, with newer colours released separately in April, and now Coach is days away from unleashing its own officially licensed bands. Coach bags are usually in demand, but will Coach bands be as well?

News of the collaboration comes via listings discovered on the official Coach website, which show an array of Apple Watch band selections. Haute Écriture found the initial URL, and then 9to5Mac found more – and was able to get official confirmation from a Coach representative, as well.

According to the rep, the Coach bands will begin arriving in Coach stores on 6 June at a price of US$150 (about £105) apiece, which makes them significantly cheaper than the Hermès bands and even many of Apple’s own offerings. It’s not clear when Apple stores will carry the bands, nor which sizes the bands will be sold in.

The watch shown above is the Leather Watch Strap with Charms, which features glovetanned leather and heat-creased edges, as well as the "diminutive metal hangtag." There’s also a Tea Rose Applique Leather Strap and a Wild Beast Camo Leather Strap, as found via URLs, and an earlier leak from April showed even more impending options.

With the Apple Watch positioned as a fashion object as much as a wearable gadget, offering stylish bands from top brands makes a lot of sense – and offering them at prices that aren’t equal to or higher than the Watch itself is even smarter. If you’re seeking a sleek new leather band, you’ll apparently have some new choices in a few days’ time.

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