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CES 2015: Slimmer, lighter, sexier 3Doodler 2.0 revealed

If you don't want your original 3Doodler to have body image issues, cover its eyes immediately

The 3Doodler won our hearts back in 2013 when it picked up Stuff’s Kickstart of the Year award after earning a well-deserved five stars in its review. And now it’s gotten even better.

The handheld 3D printing pen lets users create 3D shapes instantly, using melted plastic that’s pumped out of its tip, cooling immediately to form solid structures.

While the original 3Doodler was tonnes of fun, it was never easy on the eyes, or small enough to chuck into a bag without a second thought.

The 3Doodler 2.0 however addresses both of those problems.

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For starters, it weighs in at a mere 50 grammes, which we’re told is less than half the weight of an Apple.

It’s also kitted out in a much more stylish aluminium shell, and its insides have been tweaked too. There’s a revamped drive system and new nozzle design, along with enhanced airflow thanks to a patented fan system, all resulting in plastic that’s cooled more efficiently and quietly than before. Dual-speed controls also allow for more precision over your creations.

There’s also a new JetPack accessory. It doesn’t grant the 2Doodler 2.0 with the gift of flight, but it does act as a portable power pack, providing over three hours of constant doodling with PLA plastic or over two hours with ABS plastic.

As before, 3Doodler is launching on Kickstarter, with a 20-day campaign aiming to raise US$30,000. Early Bird pledges start at US$50, with the first 100 units set to ship within a month of the launch. The rest of the models will make their way to backers by April.

An optional pedal accessory gives your fingers a break from the 3Doodler’s buttons, while a nozzle set for creating different textures is also an option for those looking to take their doodling to the next level.

If you fancy backing the 3Doodler 2.0 then head on over to Kickstarter now.

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