CES 2010: Samsung IceTouch transparent MP3 player

Samsung have come up with a new way to differentiate themselves from its competitors - by creating an MP3 player with a 2-inch transparent display. At

Design wise, Samsung have opted to forgo the traditional central trackpad as seen on a majority of MP3 players, instead choosing to control all its features via the touchscreen. In fact, as far as we know, the rubber panel at the bottom is there for aesthetic purposes only, giving it a bit of a kiddy-esque feel in the process.

These rubber panels are actually interchangeable, so you can give your MP3 player a bit of a makeover if blue is getting boring.

We had a bit of a play around with it and while the touchscreen proved to be a little temperamental at times, generally it worked pretty smoothly. However, being a concept, the touchscreen is most certainly still under construction. But according to one of the Samsung reps we could be seeing it as early as the second quarter of this year worldwide. And when it does eventually arrive, hopefully we'll be able to tell you just how good its touchscreen really is.

Like we've seen on the LG Crystal, its transparent display is a bit of a gimmick, but it looks good and brings something new to the world of MP3 players. The graphics were also nice and sharp, so we're going to have to patiently wait for its arrival so we can judge this little see-through MP3 player properly.

[by Lucy Hedges]