Canon EOS 1D C brings 25fps video to the world's first 4K SLR

The world’s first proper 4K SLR is bringing a 25fps upgrade this April

With the help of a DSLR, everyone's a Spielberg these days. Now Canon's added a new tool to the arsenal of budding movie-makers, announcing a firmware update to its EOS 1D C camera that'll add a 25fps 4K capture mode.

So if you’ve already splashed the £10,000 body-only price for a Canon EOS 1D C then you can look forward to 25fps 4K video when the update drops in April. If you’re shooting for the USA's NTSC broadcast standard, you'll have to hold out for a 30fps mode – which has yet to be announced. Still, there's plenty of time to wait, since it's not as if anyone's actually broadcasting in 4K. Yet.

Mind you, by the time 4K Ultra HD broadcasts roll around in 2014, we'll all be getting excited about the next wave of camera tech.

[via Pocket-Lint]

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