Canon 4K-capable EOS DSLR incoming?

What's Canon got up its cinema sized sleeve this time?

If the specs of fresh-faced, high-end DSLRs have been enough to make you get some pennies rattling around in a piggy bank, Canon looks like it might have another contender for your cash.

CES saw Canon unveiling an EOS DSLR prototype capable of shooting 4K video at 24 frames per second and we're now expecting an April launch for the as-yet mystery cam as the camera makers have been sending out cinema themed invites to a Las Vegas event on April 15th.

Hot on the heels of the C300, Canon's movie-making EOS line could be about to get a new 1D-X-styled face with a 35mm full frame sensor inside plus Motion JPEG compression and compatibility with lenses like the EF 50 and Cine 24. If we find any more clues on this Canon 4K prototype's specs or release date, we'll smile and wave.