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Cambridge Audio’s brilliant AirPods alternatives just got a huge price cut ahead of Black Friday

An audio deal worth hearing

Top-notch audio kit isn’t known for being affordable. Among the few can brands that don’t demand half your monthly salary is Cambridge Audio. Its in-ear gear offers superior sound quality at a reasonable price tag. And there’s good news for listeners on a limited budget: the brand has cut the cost of its AirPods rivals even further ahead of Black Friday.

Included in the sweet-sounding deals are both its Melomania Touch true wireless earbuds and its more recent Melomania 1+, which hit shelves earlier this year.

An update to the already excellent Melomania 1 earphones, the Melomania 1+ introduced app support for a customisable audio experience. That’s in addition to the dynamism and brilliant battery life that made the original 1s one of our favourite alternatives to Apple’s AirPods.

Normally priced at £120, Cambridge Audio has cut the cost of the Melomania 1+ down to an even more reasonable £90 ahead of Black Friday. Buying for an audiophile this Christmas? That’s a saving to the tune of 25%. Which leaves you extra change to buy a three-month Spotify Premium gift subscription for your much-loved music buff . Or, you know, yourself.

Want longer battery life and larger graphene drivers? Cambridge Audio has dropped an even bigger discount on its Melomania Touch true wireless in-ear headphones. Good for up to 50 hours of listening with the bundled charging case and equipped with a handy transparency mode, the ergonomic earphones would normally set you back £130.

But in the name of Black Friday, Cambridge Audio has reduced the price to £80, which is little short of a sonic steal. At almost 40% off the standard ticket, that makes the Melomania Touch easily some of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy for less than £100. Which is a deal worth hearing.

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