Bully, Midnight Club 3 and Red Dead Revolver land on PlayStation Network

Feeling nostalgic for the PlayStation 2? You're in luck – Rockstar has just released three classic games on PSN

Mere days after launching Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS3, Rockstar has  dug further into its vault of past classics and unleashed three of them on the PlayStation Network, allowing you to take it back to the old PS2 days for less than a tenner.

School-'em-up Bully, which swaps out the crime-filled world of Grand Theft Auto with the confines of a New England boarding school, can be yours for a penny under £8. Alternatively, petrolheads can chicane to their heart's content in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, while cowboys can saddle up with Red Dead Redemption's predecessor Red Dead Revolver and become a lone gunslinger in the Wild West.

In case Xbox owners are feeling left out, Bully is currently on sale on Xbox Live for £9 as part of Microsoft's Winter Sales. You can thank us later.

All three titles serve up plenty of classic stick-twiddling mayhem for not a lot of wonga. Should tide you over nicely until Grand Theft Auto V arrives in spring 2013.


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