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Brave and brilliant YouTuber makes a PS5 Slim console that’s just 20mm thick

Gut a pricey next-gen console, add water, and cram it into an impossibly thin case. What could possibly go wrong?

There’s no doubt that Sony will one day unveil a svelter, lighter, more compact PlayStation 5, but we’re still quite a way off from that. Clearly impatient for a less bulky console (and/or, perhaps, itching for a formidable challenge), YouTuber Mathew Perks of the DIY Perks channel has taken it upon himself to hack together his very own PS5 Slim console.

Measuring in at an impossibly thin 20mm, the reconstructed console has been artfully crammed into an aluminium chassis that can comfortably fit into the smallest of media cabinets without a fuss. It’s a stark contrast to the gargantuan, curvy, router-like build of Sony’s official console, and it required some very clever engineering to come to fruition.

For starters, one of the largest internal components, the power source, has been removed and replaced by an external power brick, saving a decent chunk of precious internal space. More complex though, was the task of shaving the motherboard down from its 55mm thickness. This was achieved by removing the crucial heat sink, which keeps the CPU around 75-degrees during use. Replaced with a fancy custom-built copper water-cooling system, the DIY PS5 Slim’s CPU now runs at a much cooler 46-degrees. PC gaming enthusiasts often opt for water-cooling systems over regular fans as they provide superior, quieter cooling, and Perks’ setup demonstrates this perfectly.

Less impressive was the accidental destruction of the original PS5 unit, but a replacement was thankfully provided by the video sponsors so that the world’s first PS5 Slim could become a reality.

If you‘ve got 30 minutes to kill on your lunch break today, it’s well worth a watch. Who knows, maybe you can shave a few millimetres off your own unit and create an even slimmer one…