B&O shovels Blu–Ray into Beovision 7–40 TV

Hooking up your home cinema system to your new Blu–Ray player might not be the biggest of gadget headaches, but it's one Bang&Olufsen are ke

The original model did have a DVD drive, but why pack a 1080p TV if you can't get your HD goods onto it. This new version crams in the latest BD–Live tech, so you can take advantage of countless extras on the latest flicks and indulge your 80s action movie habit in style.

There's also a DVB–HD tuner on board, which B&O tells us will work with Freesat. It'll also be ideal when Freeview HD finally lands.

Behind the screen you 100Hz, 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and full 1080p to boot. And at 40in, it should sate all but the most hardcore of TV buffs. It's out now.

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