BlackBerry 7Digital Music Store goes live

We knew it was on its way, and over the weekend, DevelopIQ announced the availability of the 7Digital Music Store for BlackBerry.Coming complete with

Coming complete with its own built-in media player, the 7Digital Music Store will offer DRM-free MP3 files at both 256 and 320 kbps, and will be downloadable over 3G, or for a faster download, over Wifi.

The integrated media player will play both tracks downloaded from the store, and other tracks stored on your memory card – in fact the entire app will work from your memory card

You can currently download the preview version from the 7Digital website or from BlackBerry's App World, with a full release expected on 6 October.

How you download it will depend on how you receive notifications about any updates – so you'll get them through the app with the former, or via App World with the latter.

Will you be downloading the 7Digital Music Store? Let us know your thoughts to it below.

Via: BBGeeks