Best geek Christmas decorations

Why not invite all your favourite sci-fi friends over for Christmas and make some room for them on your tree?

US$46 (£28)

The best prezzie Jabba the Hutt ever received was Han Solo all wrapped up in carbonite. Now you can hang him on your Christmas tree – with intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett into the bargain. He's our kind of scum: fearless and inventive.

Boba Fett Han Solo tablepiece

US$20 (£12.50)

If Santa is Father Christmas, these tree ornaments take care of the mother part – they're made from recycled motherboards. You get three pieces for your buck: a green tree, blue star, and red bell. Goes perfectly with a slice of Raspberry Pi.

Motherboard ornaments


The only thing better than chocolate is Lego – and this Star Wars advent calendar is packed with the good stuff. You get a vertiable Imperial Legion of minifigures and little Lego kits, including a General Grevious Starfighter and a suitably Christmas themed Hoth AT-AT Walker. Just ignore the suggested age part.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

US$150 (£95)

Boldly go where no tree light decoration has gone before with this 1991 Starship Enterprise ornament. It might not actually manage warp speeds but it’ll light up. Fascinating.

Star Trek 1991 Starship Enterprise tree ornament

US$35 (£22)

Christmas consoles can cover your tree. This is good. Pick your faves and fire them at your tree for button bashing memories. And add some variety to your Christmas arguments by bickering over which is the superior games playing machine.

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