The best Christmas jumpers on all the internet

Seasonal knitwear has been getting a lot of attention so we picked the best of the lot and sprinkled them with a few laughs

Other websites have no doubt alerted you to the fact that seasonal knitwear is so hot right now. Stuff has gone one further: we've put the best of the Yuletide sweaters through their paces for your edification. Some pictures may have been slightly altered.

The World's Best Christmas Jumper Ever


Thick, comfy and palpably well-made, Firebox's Christmas jumper is one you could wear all year. The heavy acrylic knit really is toasty, but the real warmth comes from the reindeer conga line prancing amorously across the belly. In the spirit of Christmas exuberance, the reindeer appear to have conga'd really very close to each other indeed, causing the middle reindeer's nose to glow with pleasure. Best of all, during the testing process we found that real deer instinctively obeyed us when we wore this jumper.

Picture credit: ForestWander via Wikimedia Commons

Elf Christmas Jumper


A traditional choice, but a really tricky one to put through its paces: could the Elf store enough heat in its 85% acrylic / 15% wool knit to keep us cosy on the return trip to the North Pole? No, obviously not, it's a jumper. Like the World's Best Christmas Jumper, though, we did find that it made us a trusted friend of the animals that live in the winter forest, and for £20 that represents superb value.

Picture credit: ForestWander via Wikimedia Commons

The Die Hard Christmas Jumper

From £18

Testing this one to full Die Hard certification took some hard work and a fair bit of tape, but it stood up to the task admirably. Although not a traditional knit, this 50% cotton / 50% polyester printed jumper comes emblazoned with John McClane's signature Christmas threat: 'Now I Have a Machine Gun, Ho-Ho-Ho.' The jumper itself is cosy, but it's the warm fuzzy feeling you get from being covered in guns that makes all the difference.

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