The best audio and hi-fi deals - April 2017

Pick up some sweet-sounding kit - at an even sweeter price - from Sonos to Naim, KEF to Bowers & Wilkins, and much more

As dedicated audiophiles will know, nailing a decent hi-fi setup can be seriously costly.

Aside from the amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers, there are whole rooms to re-arrange - for optimum resonance, of course - not to mention remastering the entire FLAC collection.

Mercifully, we've done the hard work to shave some pennies off your next home audio purchase.

Sure, establishing a house-wide streaming system will still set you back a fair few quid - but every penny saved is one more in the savings pot for those solid-core copper cables.

Multi-room systems deals

Sonos multi-room music system

Sonos has been in the multi-room music game since the beginning - and it's still the best. Sure, it only supports up to CD-quality files, but it supports a huge number of streaming services and system components. Oh, and it's simple to set up, too.

Buy the Sonos multi-room music system here starting at £199.00 from Sonos

Wireless speakers deals

Naim Mu-so

The first proper 'hi-fi' wireless speaker, Naim's Mu-so sounds great - and is beautifully built to boot. Yes, it's expensive, but for a chord-free box with genuine hi-fi credentials, there's no better bet. It's full of streaming features, too.

Buy the Naim Mu-so here for £995.00 from Currys PC World - with 90 days Tidal trial


Naim Mu-so Qb

A can-do cube that packs a heavyweight punch, the Qb complements its bigger sibling's more refined character with a confidence that belies its size. Small, stylish and surprisingly powerful, it's got a top-notch build and bold, expressive sound to make the Mu-so proud.

Buy the Naim Mu-so Qb here for £649.00 from Currys PC World - with 90 days Tidal trial


Riva S

If you want a small speaker and want to get as close as possible to hi-fi sound for under £200, the Riva S is what you should buy. It's a top small wireless speaker for real sound hounds.

Buy the Riva S here for £149.00 from Amazon - saving over £50.00

Portable Bluetooth speakers deals


Premium in sound and design, the KEF Muo might be the size of a beer can but it packs truly room-filling sound, with brilliant tonal balance. It offers detail, punch and solidity, in a stylish aluminium shell. There's little more we could ask for in a portable speaker.

Buy the KEF Muo here for £250.56 from Amazon


Bowers & Wilkins T7

Lacking a few of the Muo's features, B&W's T7 is a corker all the same. Offering extraordinary quality for its size, this honeycomb box is both easy to use and great to listen to, with solid bass and a generous battery life of more than 18 listening hours.

Buy the B&W T7 here for £299.16 from Amazon 


Jam Heavy Metal

Classy sound and design at a true bargain price - this is the best affordable little Bluetooth speaker around

Buy the Jam Heavy Metal here for £59.99 from HMV - saving £60


UE Wonderboom

The Jam Heavy Metal sounds better, but this "grapefruit wearing a corset" has the toughness and waterproofing to make it a more adventurous option

Buy the UE Wonderboom here for £89.99 from Amazon

Audio streamers deals

Google Chromecast Audio

Small, smart and highly affordable, Google's little streaming puck makes a variety of apps a whole lot more fun to use. It's cheap, works with almost anything and, here's the kicker, sounds good. Proper plug-and-play fun.

Buy the Google Chromecast Audio here for £24.95 from My Memory - saving £6.00