Bang & Olufsen paints the BeoVision 10 black

B&O's new telly turns your South Park episodes into works of art with the easel stand

It was only last week that B&O launched the limited edition Beovision 10-46 and already it's outed another version of the TV for us to drool over. This time its the Beovision 10 Black. The high gloss black frame is perfect if the standard aluminium model of the Beovision 10 wouldn't get along well with your interior decor.

The new B&O box comes in 32in, 40in and 46in sizes with prices of £4200, £6500 and an eye-watering £8200 for the biggest screen. The price includes a fetching red speaker grille but you'll have to fork out extra for the new easel stand (£360) which props up the TV equivalent of a work of art. If paintings aren't your thing, you can still mount the BeoVision 10 Black on your wall before pressing play on Pollock.


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