Apple’s iPhone phablet “too thin for existing batteries”

Report claims Apple can't find a decent battery that fits its upcoming 5.5in phone
Apple’s iPhone phablet “too thin for existing batteries”

How’s this for a first world problem? A report out of Taiwan claims that Apple has made a forthcoming 5.5in phablet so thin the company can’t find a battery that fits inside.

The report, from the Industrial and Commercial Times, says that Apple is struggling to find a 2mm-thin battery with sufficient lifespan. The phabet – which the report refers to as an “iPhone Air” – is incredibly skinny, and normal phone batteries are simply too chubby to be squeezed into its svelte frame.

Two iPhone 6s?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard mention of a 5.5in Apple phablet being launched at the same time as the company’s next iPhone. Back in November of last year, Bloomberg claimed that 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone models were being worked on, while other sources have claimed that larger model has a 5.7in display.

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