Apple won't keep iBooks Author distribution rights

Pale-faced writers everywhere, rejoice! Apple's new publishing tool won't lock down your great works

Apple's new iBooks Author End User Licensing Agreement has one tiny make-or-break detail in it – Cupertino only wants to keep the exclusive rights to iBook files and not the content that's in them.

Why so generous? Well, it was looking like authors and publishers weren't so keen on signing away all their distribution rights (read: future cash) to Apple just because they used the writing and e-publishing tool to make the textbook in the first place. So Apple didn't really have a choice.

And while Apple's notorious for making (beautiful) closed systems to maximise profits, it seems that telling writers they could only make money from their own work by giving Apple a cut was a step too far. What's next – Newsstand mutiny? Rogue App Stores?

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