Apple Watch Sport's non-sapphire screen can handle keys and knives, but not sandpaper

So, you know... don't sandpaper it

The Apple Watch Sport doesn't have the same fancy sapphire display as its more expensive counterparts. But should you be worried?

Possibly. Sapphire glass is, after all, virtually unscratchable by anything other than a diamond.

The Apple Watch Sport's chemically-treated Ion-X glass might be harder than regular glass, but won't hold up to as much abuse as its sapphire counterpart.

Thankfully, YouTuber Unbox Therapy has taken it upon himself to subject an Apple Watch Sport display to a little bit of scientific torture, to see just how much it can handle.

The display easily shrugs off the onslaught of both a key, knife, and synthetic steel wool, which means you can happily try and unlock, stab and scrub your Apple Watch Sport to your heart's content.

However, we would advise going anywhere near it with sandpaper. It... doesn't handle it very well.