An Apple Stylus with haptic feedback is patented

Could the fruity giant be realising the pen is mightier than it thought? If so, the new iPhone and iPad may come sporting a stylus

Apple has received a patent for a stylus pen that uses haptic feedback. The pen could be shipping with the next iPhone and iPad in response to the popularity of its rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

But this stylus will go further offering haptic feedback so you can feel more intuitively what you’re interacting with. It will also have a built-in speaker and optical sensor all connected to the device via short-range wireless communication. The size of the pen and complexity would suggest it may be sold separately as an accessory – since fitting it in an Apple device would mean a major redesign.

The patent was filed way back in 2010 so there is a chance it might not appear at all, in spite of hearing other Apple stylus rumours. But Apple often acts late on early patents so your iPad Draw Something efforts may soon be upgraded to another level of accuracy.

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