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Apple quickly releases iOS 8.0.2 to fix iPhones disabled by previous version

Supposedly, this update actually works - but we won’t blame you for waiting

If you’re one of the unlucky users whose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus lost cell service and Touch ID functionality after installing iOS 8.0.1 yesterday, good news: another update is already available.

Launched just over a day after Apple’s update fiasco, iOS 8.0.2 purports to fix all of the problems introduced by yesterday’s version, and so far, it doesn’t appear that users are experiencing any new hardware issues as a result of updating.

Granted, if your cellular service is busted, you’ve got little to lose by updating now. Everyone else might consider waiting a day, or at least a few hours, to make sure this version doesn’t have a crippling bug hiding under a menu somewhere.

Aside from fixing yesterday’s major issues, iOS 8.0.2 effectively replaces the previous update, offering up a series of small fixes to the launch version of iOS 8. Chief among them are fixes to make HealthKit apps and third-party keyboards function correctly, along with tweaks for Reachability, Safari, Photos, and Family Sharing.

Apple says that less than 40,000 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were affected by yesterday’s flawed update, and previously, the company recommended downgrading back to iOS 8 via a computer to solve the introduced issues.

Anyone who didn’t do so (or fully reset the device) can now simply grab iOS 8.0.2 and be back to enjoying their excellent new phone.

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