Apple fans can now pre-order the new Apple TV for £130

It could be sitting under your telly on 30 October

Apple has officially opened up its pre-order doors for the new Apple TV.

The standard 32GB model will set you back £130, while that bumps up to £170 if you want the 64GB version instead.

A new remote is also thrown into the mix, with an all-new touchpad for slicker navigation and basic game controls.

The entire interface has been overhauled with tvOS, and Siri is now deeply embedded throughout, answering your questions and assisting you with film choices like your very own personal movie butler.

There’s no 4K option, mind, so you’ll still have to stick with Amazon or Roku if you want to make the most of your shiny new telly, but if you’re not fussed about those extra pixels (and are firmly in the Apple camp) then feel free to reserve yours here, from today.