App of the Week – World of Goo

Direct a gaggle of goo balls in this addictive iPad puzzler

Platform: Apple iPad

Price: £2.99

Angry Birds is getting hyped for making the leap from mobiles to PCs - but here's a game that is succeeding in the opposite direction. World of Goo appeared on desktops back in 2008 but only launched on the iPad App Store just before Christmas - where it has already shot to the top of charts.

The reasons are clear. This might be 'just' another survival strategy game, but class oozes from the World of Goo like nose-juice from a toddler.

You are in charge of industrious gaggle of goo balls that use a pipe system to move across a surreal, cartoony landscape. In each level, you have to build a bridge, tower, airship or cannonball out of goo to reach the next pipe. Get enough goo balls out, and you'll reach the next level.

As you might expect, there are things out there that want to obstruct you (menacing spiky things in the main) and creatures that are on your side, such as time flies that you can burst to undo your last move.

The strategy learning curve will be familiar, always tempting you in for one more go, but where World of Goo really wins is in its pure imagination. The backgrounds are bold and beautiful, the soundtrack verges on lush and the problems swiftly become increasingly demonic.

World of Goo is well worth exploring and an absolutely perfect fit for the iPad. In fact, it's hard to imagine playing it on a dull old mouse and keyboard. Highly recommended.