App of the Week – Star Wars Trench Run

Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch Price: £2.99 plus £0.59 for remote control I know what you're thinking: isn't this game a couple of

Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch


Price: £2.99 plus £0.59 for remote control


I know what you're thinking: isn't this game a couple of years old? (In fact, you're probably thinking: isn't this film three decades old? Which is about the same in app years). But bear with me. THQ has just updated it with a vaguely interesting new feature. Plus blowing up a Death Star is a fine start to any morning.

The game basics haven't changed since you first sat in that sweaty, cigarette-burned black plastic Star Wars arcade machine chair 20 years ago. You're in an X-wing (now also the Millennium Falcon, a Y-wing, a TIE fighter or Vader's own tricked-out ride), the sky-scape wheels around confusingly and you have to shoot things that keep dodging in and out of view. That's it really.

The new feature is that it lets you use your Apple gadget as a wireless motion-sensitive remote for the Trench Game online. The levels are virtually identical – and the web game and app synchronise so you can work through the mission on either platform.

When you hit the little Brass Monkey icon on the webpage, it connects to your iPod Touch or iPhone and then you're steering, shooting and switching views with the flick of a wrist. Just like a Wii, but cheaper.

The remote-control feature is a great addition to a fun little game, and gives the rather repetitive (and occasionally unresponsive) shooting mechanic a bit more life. Be warned, though – you'll have to fork out another 59p to activate the wireless remote feature in-game.