Anyone against downloading is retarded ­- Soulwax talk music, festivals and Xbox Live

Our movie, Part of the Weekend Never Dies, is coming out on Xbox LiveDavid: To be dead honest, we didn’t know anything about Xbox Live and when

David: To be dead honest, we didn’t know anything about Xbox Live and when we were told about it we though, "Wow, that’s incredible and yeah, we want to be part of it."

When it comes to downloading, we’re all for it

Stephen: Anybody who’s against it is retarded, it’s an amazing development. And actually, in a couple of years, I think people are going to look back at this and going to realise that this was the biggest revolution in music in the past 60 years.

David: I mean, I go to iTunes and I buy stuff and I also download stuff illegally. Look, if you’re a kid and you don’t have that much money and you can get that music for free, then why not. And then if you really like the band you come and watch a show and maybe buy a T shirt or a game like Rock Band.

I think my brother could work for a Mac helpdesk

David: We’ve been using Macs in the studio for over ten years. Back in the day that was the only way to get music done on a computer and we’ve just stuck with them.

I don’t know what makes something a gadget

Stephen: I’ve always thought of a gadget as something that you don’t need, but is kind of cool. Stuff like remote controls in your watches or microfilm cameras. That to me is a gadget. But something like an iPod or an iPhone, that’s just something that’s part of our lives.

When we’re on the tour bus there’s always a PlayStation or an Xbox

David: Most of the time it’s a PS3, so maybe Xbox needs to look into it. There’s always a point where you play a game and the crew kick your ass. It’s just the way it is.

We’ve played tons of festivals this summer

Stephen: A personal toilet would be the perfect festival gadget. I really don’t understand how people can do festivals without gadgets. We show up with a tour bus and even then we get treated well. I have the biggest respect for kids out there in the mud  - they have rubbish food, no hygiene, but they love it. How much do you have to love music to put yourself through it?

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