Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in three days

The Angry Birds phenomenon sets a new record proving that those angry avians are just as popular as ever

The colossal popularity of Rovio's Angry Birds franchise just refuses to wane. In its opening weekend the latest intergalactic instalment of Angry birds has hit the 10 million download mark in just three days – according to the company, which outed the good news via the medium of Twitter.

Rovio didn't comment on how the release of the fourth instalment compares with previous title launches, but according to reports Angry Birds Rio (the last major Angry Birds release) hit the 10 million mark in ten days. That's more than three times as long.

Released for various formats, Angry Birds Space brings 60 levels and new gameplay to the table, in the form of gravitational fields for executing trick shots and wormholes that will transport you into hidden levels that pay homage to classic video games like Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros.

You can also expect more levels available via in-app purchases (iOS only for now), hidden goodies and secret levels to unlock. Rovio also promises regular free updates for the future. We wonder what our feathered friends have in store for us next?

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