Android on the road: Tesla is set to allow dashboard apps

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed the firm plans to install an Android emulator onto the centre console touchscreen of its cars, allowing developers to create apps for the vehicle. Angry birds on the move, anyone?
The console of the Tesla S

The electric supercar will be able to run apps, and is also getting Google's Chrome browser, Musk revealed.

Drive and swipe

The firm plans to install an Android emulator on its 17inch touchscreen centre console, which currently runs a variant of Linux.

The firm will then allow developers to create apps for its car.

"The first order of business is to get the core functionality in place, but we can open it up for development towards the end of next year," Musk promised.

"There's a lot of localisation stuff to get done, and we need to upgrade the browser to Chrome.

"It's written in Linux, so if someone has written an app for Android it should work relatively easily.

"We're also considering adding a pure Android emulator to the car."

Musk also revealed his salary from the firm, claiming he would be the last to sell his shares.

"My salary is $1 per year - but I spend it well," said Musk.

The firm also revealed a high speed tuning package for its S car for German buyers so it can take advantage of the autobahn.

"We'll make it feel really great at top speed," Musk promised at an event at Telsa's new service centre in Munchen.