Is Amazon readying two Kindle Fire tablets?

It’s looking likely that the next iteration of the Kindle Fire will come in two sizes

Google's 7in Nexus 7 looks set to take a bite out of the equally pocket-friendly Kindle Fire's sales – so Amazon looks to be going super-sized with the next version of its budget Android tablet.

We’ve already written that the Kindle Fire 2 should be landing in July. Now, according to anonymous sources of BGR, Amazon is going to also unveil a 10in Kindle Fire 2 tablet in direct competition with Apple’s iPad.

After inital rumours of the Fire coming out in a Coyote and Hollywood version it would make sense for Amazon to have another model still incoming. While details are sparse it’s expected to offer microUSB, a front-facing camera and HDMI-out. Whether Amazon can undercut Apple on price once again – as with the first Kindle Fire – remains to be seen.

[Via BGR]

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