Alienware launches MP3 player and speaker dock

While it might seem that Apples grow on trees at the moment, we were surprised to see a new MP3/WMA/PlaysForSure player, called the CE-IV, announced by Alienware in the US. They've also opened spooky, misty hangar doors on the HUB, a speaker dock that wor

Alienware evoke a massive sense of community spirit out of their customers, so this MP3 player and dock are sure to be high on existing owner shopping lists. Although, we're not sure if it's coming to the UK yet - more on this when we get a response from Alienware.

Cool touches on the 512MB or 1GB, SD-expandable, MP3/WMA/PlaysForSure device include glowing alien eyes, that hallmark of the brand that we still simper at when we see it on a computer. It comes in black/grey or silver/grey colour ways, and has an orange-on-black or white-on-black display.

The speaker dock has 30W RMS output, both AV-in and AV-out connections and an 'electronic volume control'. Hmm...sounds like some crazy alien tech to us.

Pricing and availability details, as you'll know unless you skipped straight to the end of this story to miss out on the intervening yadda-yadda, are unknown. It might not even come to the UK. Until we update you, you can attempt a brain meld with the US site, here.