Adobe Photoshop Touch is hitting Android next month

Your Honeycomb slate is due for some image manipulation goodness before its Apple-emblazoned rival.

Adobe has announced that its range of Touch Apps will be available for Honeycomb tablets sometime in November, while jealous onlooking iPad users will have to come to terms with waiting a bit longer to flex their image editing muscles.

The app range includes Photoshop Touch, which offers access to layers and background removal tools in addition to other familiar Photoshop features. Other app offerings include the design presentation creator Debut as well as a mood board tool called Collage. A colour theme generator called Kuler and a website and app creator dubbed Proto will also be available.

Design dabblers will also be able to take advantage of easy file transfer between tablets, cloud storage and desktops, allowing your digital masterpieces to easily flitter between all three.

Release date and UK pricing details have yet to be released, so stay tuned for more info.


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