5 ways Dishonored 2 is a sequel to get excited about

Steampunk, magic and swords - what’s not to love?

Yes, the trailer for Dishonored 2 may have leaked ahead of its reveal at the Bethesda showcase here at E3, but now that it’s finally, officially out there in the gaming ether, we can begin to board the hype train.

Whether you’ve played the original Dishonoured countless times, or are new to the whole slice-and-dice-enemies-with-swords-and-magic thing, you should definitely be excited.

Why? Well…

It looks gorgeous

The original Dishonored’s dark, gritty steampunk visuals really made it stand out from other titles, and we’re happy to see the same design return in force. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the Victorian-esque clothes and environment, studded with archaic contraptions and over-engineered tech. It’ll feel good to be back.

Switch it up

Dishonoured 2 lets players take control of both Corvo Attano - the first game's protagonist - and Emily Baldwin - a now-grownup Empress who'll be familiar to existing fans. The fact that both characters have different techniques, skills and moves at their disposal should help keep gameplay fresh, while allowing you to tackle problems in different ways. They respond to story elements, too, and the narrative will branch in different directions depending on who you're playing as.

New abilities

In addition to the usual arsenal of teleportation and possession, you’ll have a few more fancy new supernatural tricks at your disposal this time round. Emily can, for example, pull enemies closer towards her with purple psychic protrusions, aka brain grappling hooks, as we like to call them.

New digs

The city of Karnaca is where the majority of Dishonored 2 takes place, offering fresh streets and rooftops for players to play in. An extra emphasis on verticality should provide more flexibility when panning attacks and escape routes, while new randomly generated weather can provide much-needed cover when things get a little too hairy.

Stabby stabby

The combat looks a slick and as fluid as ever, and the new gameplay trailer definitely had no shortage of lethal blades and killing blows. It also briefly shows off a few new mechanical enemies which will no doubt regret ever crossing your path.