5 of the best travel guitars

Take your ill axe-wielding skills with you on your festival travels this summer

Still trying to learn Stairway to Heaven? These guitars will mean that no matter where you are you can always crack out a riff.

Traveler Escape EG-1 – £500

Kitted out with a full-sized humbucker pickup, the Escape can easily handle clean and distorted tones. The only problem is that you’ll be scared of scratching it.

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Pignose PGG-200 – £180

The only thing pig-like about this sleek riff-monster is the squealing of the built-in speaker when you rip out a gnarly solo. Just remember that when the neighbours complain about the noise you can always plug the headphones in.

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Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro – £300

This axe is pure rock 'n' roll. Ergonomically stripped down to the basics, with a tiny body rammed full with three eardrum-splitting pickups. All you need now is a TV and an open window.

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Hofner Shorty – £100

This '80s reissue bypasses all of the big hair, tight jeans and make-up, instead providing a versatile and robust guitar that'll hold its tuning way after the nostalgia fades.

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Aria AS-100C – £250

If melting marshmallows around a campfire in the middle of nowhere sounds like your perfect weekend, you’ll need this guitar to keep spirits high when the inevitable rain pours. It even has a detachable frame, making it easier to carry if a pack of killer rabbits corners you.

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[by Sam McKavanagh]


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