5 of the best replica movie props

Show you're serious about cinema by dressing your home for Oscars night


Not long till Oscars night. If you're thinking of holding an Academy Awards soiree, perhaps splash out on a few movie-themed props to show you're really serious about cinema...

Predator Skull £500

Yes, that is one ugly mutha... Fantasise that you've gone all Arnie on its ass and filleted the galaxy's fiercest hunter and planted his skull on your mantlepiece. Preferably not next to a bowl of potpourri.

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ECTO-1 license plate £20

Declare your love for Venkman, Spengler and Stantz by pinning the numberplate from the Ghostbusters' converted ambulance to your wall. Rather that than sliming librarians or electrocuting college students in the name of science.

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Iron Man ARC Reactor replica £300

The ARC Reactor is all that keeps Marvel superhero Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) from death. This replica from the Robert Downey Jr movie lights up with help from 3 AA batteries and sits on a machined aluminium stand.

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Batmobile £120,000

Tempting, isn't it? To sell up, find a nice empty cave somewhere and lay down next to your very own Batmobile every night. It's when you wake up to find a guy in tights and tiny green shorts beside you that you might wonder whether you made the right choice. Maybe just park it on the drive.

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Avatar Na'vi Curved Dagger £80

The movie may have been double-edged, dicing our eyeballs with razor-sharp visuals while simultaneously bludgeoning us with dull dialogue and a subtle-as-a-sledgehammer plot, but it's still a cinematic landmark. Celebrate it by displaying this Na'vi dagger – a replica of a, er, virtual prop.

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