5 of the best geek TV shows

The geek shall inherit the earth! Or at least watch a bit of TV

Geek TV shows were made solely so every nerd can snigger at the in-jokes and get the obscure pop culture references in a smug way while everyone else just looks confused. Here's five of the best nerd TV show for those laugh alone, self satisfying moment.

The Big Bang Theory

An explosion of intellectual one-liners, geek-chic graphic tees and cosmic science puns. Hilarity ensues as four young scientist men grapple with social conventions and try to break into the CalTech dating scene. You don’t have to be Sir Isaac Newton to chuckle your Storm Trooper socks off but an inside knowledge of comic book culture certainly helps. For those just attracted by the bright colours, big words and pretty girls, frequent canned laughter tracks provide useful indications of when to giggle.


The IT Crowd

“Have you tried turning it off and then on again?”... Ever glanced at the ‘B’ button on the office lift and wondered what mystical creatures inhabit the depths of the basement? The IT Crowd reveals, for the first time, the other-worldly delights of the IT department. This series follows the antics of Moss, Roy and Jen and the chaos that ensues when they attempt to step out, bleary-eyed, into the surface world. 


Peep Show

Stalking the deepest and darkest thoughts of a couple of less-than-eligible bachelors, Peep Show does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a sneaky peak into the life of a couple of ‘ordinary blokes’. It juxtaposes Mark, an uptight historical figurine collector, and Jez, a wannabe DJ/rockstar/poet, whose only similarity is their social awkwardness. 


Family Guy

Wildly offensive and mildly abusive, Family Guy incorporates innuendo, slap-stick humour, what could be described as animated soft-core porn and just a smidgen of current affairs. Join Peter Griffin, family and friends in the bizarre town of Quahog where dogs talk, babies invent time machines and Lauren Conrad is a violin-playing philosopher.


Did you know eating a diet of purely rabbit can kill you? If not, you need to indulge in the banter-fuelled Steven Fry-indulgent guilty pleasure that is QI. If you did know that I’m guessing you’re reading this in your bathroom on a Friday night?

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