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5 alive? 4in iPhone might not be the 6c after all

Apple Pay and mid-range specs could be on the cards for iPhone 5e

If you just can’t get to grips with larger iPhones, there’s a new name to look out for – the iPhone 5e.

Apple’s been rumoured to be working on a 4in iPhone for a while, as not everyone liked the bigger iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It was expected to follow in the footsteps of the 5c, with a plastic back and lots of colour choices, but reports from China today say different.

The 5e could have just two or three colours, and will look more like a shrunken iPhone 6 than a refreshed 5s. That means rounded corners, a metal body and a 2.5D glass screen.

Instead, the E will stand for Enhanced. It sounds a like a Frankenstein’s monster, with the 4in screen from an iPhone 5s, and the A8 processor from the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5c

Apple’s hardly going to add every one of the iPhone 6s’s tech toys into a cheaper phone, so 3D touch isn’t looking likely, but Apple Pay is almost certain to make an appearance.

There should only only be 16GB and 64GB storage sizes – you’ll have to step up to an iPhone 6s for 128GB.

The report says it’ll cost 3288 Yuan, which is about £350. If the rumours are true, the iPhone 5e is being built by Foxconn, ready for a March release.

There’s no concrete source though, so you’ll want to hold off emptying your bank account for a month or two yet until things look a bit more official.

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