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Is this the 13in iPad Pro?

Leaked render apparently shows the state of Apple’s long-rumoured large iPad as of December 2014

So, that 12.9in “iPad Pro” that Apple’s been reportedly working on for the past few years. Will it end up looking like this?

The above image is a supposed internal Apple render of the larger, more powerful iPad from December 2014. It was posted by serial Twitter leaker OnLeaks, who cautions that, as it’s from six months ago, some “tiny little changes” may have been made to the product.

The iPad Pro is rumoured to be geared towards creative types, and may well come with some kind of smart stylus for drawing, note-taking and more. What else can we expect? Well, a USB-C or second Lightning port has been mooted, the former of which would facilitate the connection of a mouse and keyboard, the latter of which would… well, damned if we know.

And some have speculated that it’ll use the same tiny, fanless motherboard that graces the new 12in MacBook, essentially making it a (decently, if not mindblowingly, powerful) computer squeezed into a screen. Just add a stand, a mouse and a keyboard and it’s a mini desktop.

OnLeaks claims that the iPad Pro will be launched in December 2015, alongside the next generation of 15in MacBook Pro. It’d be very unusual for Apple to launch something that close to Christmas, so we’d guess the company will either reveal it in October 2015 or February 2016.

With any potential release data a few months away, you can expect plenty more information about the iPad Pro to leak out. Stay tuned for updates.

[Source: OnLeaks Twitter]

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