10 of the best new game apps

Scratch your itchy game finger with one of these great new game apps

Scratch your itchy game finger with one of these great new game apps...

Reckless racing

iOS3, £1.79

Originally called Deliverace, this top-down redneck racer is full of thrills and spills as you fling your car or truck sideways around the corners on tracks set in backwater America. There are head-to-head multiplayer and delivery modes to keep you busy, but a few more tracks than the current five would be very welcome.

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Cut the rope

iOS3, £0.59

From the publisher who brought you Angry Birds, this one's game mechanic is also in the title. Cut the ropes holding up the giant humbug to collect stars and deposit it in hungry toothed frog thing Om Nom's mouth. So simple but ridiculously addictive.

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Angry birds halloween

iOS3, £0.59

Are angry birds angrier at Halloween than any other time of year? Find out with more avian catapulting fun in this seasonal sequel. Pulverise those piggy pumpkins! Android users take note – the full version of the original Angry Birds is out now for you too.

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Rocket Riot

Windows Phone 7, £5.49

Apps for Windows Phone 7 are few and far between at the moment. One of the only choices is this relentless onslaught of frantic rocket action. Hammer your way through pseudo-3D environments searching out the bad guys and then loose a few hundred rockets their way too. You can try before you buy – just as well, considering the steep price tag.

Slimeball Speedway

Android, $3.49

Just the other day we were lamenting the lack of games featuring people-eating blobs made of toxic waste. Use the phone's accelerometers to roll your blob through the streets, munching on squirrels and children, then build up speed and size to take on bigger prey and beat other players' fastest times and highest speeds. Free Lite version available.

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iOS3, £0.59

Parking trains might not sound like much fun, but Trainyard's stylised minimal graphics and strong puzzle element will keep you coming back to locate 'just one more' locomotive time and time again.

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Space Man

Android, £free

Not space as we know it, but the gap left as the floor and the ceiling slam together potentially turning Space Man into space food. Position the little raver carefully and hope he'll have enough room to make it out alive. Gets tricky quickly.

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Rat on a scooter XL

iOS3, £free

Recently updated, this trick-riding rodent rolls his way through an endless array of ramps and platforms on his. Not the newest game here, but is now free.

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Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition

iOS3, £0.59

Not a fan of rainbows and magic dolphins? The heavy metal edition of this robotic unicorn rampage sees your mystical steed leaping and dashing through a nightmarish landscape of  exploding pentagrams and floating demons to the sound of "Battlefield" by German metallers Blind Guardian.

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Godfinger All-Stars

iOS3, free

Play god to your own little planet full of followers who you can terrorise or pamper as you see fit. Terraform your tiny world and even send your minions skyward in the new Jump Game mode to find bonus gold hiding in the clouds.

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