Nintendo drops Miitomo on the US and Europe March 31

Almost a month after Japan for fans' first taste of Big N on mobile

Love all things Nintendo but don't have a Japanese app store account? You don't have too much longer to wait to download Miitomo.

Nintendo's first smartphone app has been out on iOS and Android in Japan for a few weeks now. It's been doing gangbusters in Nintendo's home country, racking up over a million downloads in under three days.

US and European fans had to wait, though: it wasn't available in other countries at launch.

That's finally set to change on the 31st of March, when the app appears in app stores on both continents.

Miitomo isn't really a game; it's more like an animated social network made up of Nintendo's trademark Mii characters.

You can create a Mii from scratch, or use your phone's front camera to automatically generate one that looks a bit like the real-life you.

You're not limited to hats and T-shirt colours when it comes to customisation, either. There are clothes, accessories and hairstyles to choose from, and you can bring your Mii to life with a unique voice using text-to-speech software.

Adding friends can be done through the app, or by linking up to Facebook and Twitter. You can then have cats, polls, conversations and opinions, all through the app.

Not exactly what you'd expect from Nintendo, then, but early Japanese testers reckon it's still packed with the Big N's familiar humour.

We'll be giving it a download on the 31st of March, when it lands for iOS and Android.