The best look yet at Huawei's unannounced P9

Complete spec details leaked too

Talk about jumping the gun - Huawei's P9 hasn't even been officially confirmed yet, and everything about it has just been laid bare.

A complete set of pictures and specifications have been leaked to Venturebeat, showing Huawei's upcoming flagship phone long before the company was ready to announce it.

So what are we looking at here, exactly? This is most likely the mainstream P9, which will launch alongside three other models. The P9 Max phablet, entry-level P9 Lite and more powerful P9 Premium have yet to break cover.

It's a 5.2in handset that looks more than a little like Apple's iPhone, complete with metal body, glass front and fingerprint sensor - albeit on the back, rather than on the front.

The pictures also give us a better look at the P9's dual-camera setup, which should use two 12MP sensors for post-snap refocus, fun filter effects, and virtual aperture adjustment for depth of field effects. There's no clue as to whether it'll also add wide angle shooting, like on the LG G5.

The big new addition is the USB type-C port on the bottom, making the P9 the first Huawei phone to use the reversible connector.

Inside, Huawei's own Kirin 950 CPU should provide the power, alongside 3GB of RAM. It's an octa-core chip, but won't be as powerful as the one in the P9 Premium. Expect 32GB of storage, compared to 64GB (or even 128GB) in the P9 premium.

Android Marshmallow is a given, even if it also comes with Huawei's custom UI sitting on top.

If the report is accurate, the P9 is on track to have a massive 3900mAh battery, which would be pretty much unheard of in a 5in phone.

Whenever someone manages to get hands on time with a phone like this, it usually means a release isn't too far behind. Huawei hasn't made anything official yet, but the P9 is still expected to launch before the Summer.