Withings' ScanWatch takes heart and sleep monitoring to new levels

Incredibly heart working
06 January 2020 / 17:13GMT

Pioneers of connected analogue watches launch its most medically orientated hybrid watch yet, the ScanWatch which can take medical grade ECG scans and measure sleep. The sleep apnea detection works using a SpO2 sensor which emits and absorbs light waves passing through blood vessels to measure oxygen saturation levels and identify breathing disturbances and quality of sleep. Don’t think all this medical guff has meant Withings has forgotten about style either, the waterproof stainless-steel build looks sleek as ever and you can use the digital crown to scroll through the pmoled screen. See all your data graphs on the excellent Health Mate app and analyse where you can do better. It’s also got all the regular skills of detecting over 30 different exercises and will even take a VO2 max score. It’ll be available in the next few months and you’ll pay £279 for that handy, yet unassuming health assistant on your wrist.